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Emotional fear tends to blind the mind. The fact is that we have laws about becoming a citizen of this nation and if people will not obey the law to get in then we should not expect them to obey the law while they are here. It sets a dangerous precedent to circumvent the law at the beginning of citizenship.
Why not? It's yet another lie to add to their repertoire.
The democrat platform is communist because it is amoral. There are old dems who don't subscribe to the new platform but still vote dem because they always have and their parents did. They watch MSM and still believe the propaganda that spews forth from that democrat mouthpiece.
Even though Reagan had been gov of CA, the media laughed at his run because he had not been a member of the US Congress. They constantly referred to his acting as a sign that he was out of touch and they attacked him for his age. Are you not old enough to remember or were you just not paying attention?
To what states did Obama fly the new illegals?
You can have their blood. I don't want it no matter what offense you take.
I don't care what you think you know. Polluted sexual behavior contaminates a person's blood.
The life is in the blood. God is always right. Only stupid, arrogant mortal men believe that abominable activity by men between men does not affect their blood. Even if they do not manifest AIDS, their blood is still polluted by their sexual behavior. Drs. know that the best organ donors are spouses. Why? Because sexual intercourse brings about a co-mingling of blood. Since most abominations have multiple partners, it is foolish to think that their blood is anything but poison.
I think hanging is an excellent idea. Beheading(by guillotine) is too quick and a drug cocktail is to comforting. Firing squad might be too quick too. Why isn't he dead already? There is nothing right about him still breathing.
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