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When Obama farts, Susan Rice's lips move.
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10 Things to Know for Wednesday

tuffone3 Wrote: 22 hours ago (12:51 AM)
Sin sure did ugly him up.
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You’re Not Suppressing Anything Honey

tuffone3 Wrote: Jan 26, 2015 6:22 PM
Proof that anyone can live a lie and think they are justified to do so. Unfortunately, their exit from among us is welcome relief.
Don't be silly, You shall know them by their fruits.
Abraham saw my day and was glad. Abraham paid tithe to Melchizadek. Jesus was part of the Trinity, always. He will crush his head. The Jews looked for the Messiah before anybody knew there was one. Christians are grafted into the Jewish vine, not the other way around.
Sorry. Christians desire to please God.
The difference between a hypocrite and a christian is repentance. People pleasing produces hypocrites. Pleasing God produces christians.
Jindal/Palin Why? The media hates them both. Why? They are unabashed christians. Bush claimed to be a christian. He never called the nation to repentance. Money answers all things. Sometimes the answer is no. Our country was founded by men whose faith was in the Son of the Living God. Men who lived in accordance with Holy Scripture. Men who fought for freedom based on the precepts of Holy Scripture. King Georges' love of money and the founding fathers belief that God made them equal to George brought about war. War is always between those who think they are God and those who know they are not.
Japan, like many countries, 'strongly condemns terrorist acts'. How many murders has that stopped so far? Let's see. Words - zero Knife to the neck - at least one Japanese. Maybe the world needs a new strategy.
Working hard so her husband won't have to. Besides, he needs more bullets.
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