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Let's all go back to the wooden stove. Electricity is such a bad idea.
You have access to internet, so you can't be that ignorant about the Volt. The charging station in your home is your good 'ol 110-120V outlet. If you have electricity than you have what it takes to charge the Volt. When the battery runs out of juice after 38 miles (we get up to 52 miles during fall and spring), a gasoline engine kicks in and generates the electricity for an additional 300+ miles...
Oh now we only have to replace our battery every 5-8 years? But Carl265 said we have to replace every 3 years.
OMG !!! every 3 years we'll need to change our battery!! LOL
"And I’m guessing that most conservatives would agree that buying a $30,000 car that gets 35 miles between all-night, plug-in charges is just stupid." Because intelligent people would say that getting 35 miles on electricity is better than getting ZERO.
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Chevy Volt: Solyndra on Wheels

ttrinh Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 11:23 PM
Yeahhhh! Baby yeahh. eh.. well. Not.
John, Surely you realize that the Volt development began well before Obama took office. The Volt itself is a phenomenal product and I challenge you to drive one. Is it expensive? yes. So are BMW's. I know you have not driven one because you would have a different perspective. It is made in America, by americans. I am proud of the technological advances and proud that my tax dollars went to its developement - as opposed to financing oil extremists. GM may have bigger problems, for sure - but for us the Volt is quite an accomplishment.
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