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Think Power Inequality

tthor Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 12:03 PM
"But when all the decisions are made in Washington or New York, most Americans are simply out of the loop." Bingo. The main difference between D.C. and Alaska is that in Alaska there is a notable dearth of people who think it's their job to tell you how to live your life. People with that particular personality defect gravitate towards Washington. I grew up in Arizona in the sixties. At that time Arizona, while not quite as isolated as Alaska, had its own distinct cultural flavor. A hallmark of that culture was a general disdain for dictates originating from "back east." Of course, in the intervening decades Arizona has been thoroughly californicated. Indeed, the process of californication is really just subset of the cultural flattening and homogenization that has been occurring across the country for the past several decades. Back in the day, before the advent of the Internet, the 24-hour news cycle, and the Leviathan nanny state, the rubes in fly-over country could simply ignore the tomfoolery and corruption of Washington. We were quite content to be "out of the loop." What we resent is not that we are "out of the loop," but rather that Washington is sucking us inexorably into its loop. What we really want is just to be LEFT THE HECK ALONE TO LIVE OUR LIVES AS WE PLEASE. Get it, Mr. President?