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Liberal Racism

ttaylor841 Wrote: May 05, 2014 1:56 AM
LBJ gutted Eisenhower's 1957 civil rights act.. I don't see how anyone can see him as standing for civil rights
Don't puff your ego up too big there sport. The fact that most (real) conservatives are ex-liberals, blows a massive hole in such an idiotic theory as 'being born that way'. Surely you know the saying, "if you're not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative at 40, you have no brain." I've never had trouble with trying new things & am known to others as quite the thrill seeking adventurist . Just so you know what I mean, some of my favorite pastimes have included, bass jumping, roller derby & sky diving. I love to travel & try new & exotic food & drink from far away places. Love to meet new people from all walks of life & am always up for a new adventure with good company. I'm obviously not a personality that's seen as, 'unlikely to try new things.' That said, I also know 2 things; human nature & history. I understand the fact that totalitarianism & empire building has been tried for over 2,000 years of documented history & it has NEVER worked. Those types of empires always collapse leaving their people destitute. I'm also quite independent & appreciate my freedom. I understand that America's got a good thing going when it's government is limited & maximum freedom is allowed among it's people. Why would I want to destroy that? I do not need a need a big 'mommy government' to watch over me & tell me what to do & how to live. I do not need a government redistributing or spending my hard dollars when I can do that much better myself. Liberals will always try to find a cure for what ails those of us that point out the shortcomings of their ridiculous ideology because they want a world where they don't have to deal with that reality being illuminated. It's actually very childish & amusing to the rest of us to say the least.
Hey liberal here's a little reality for you. The Clinton Surplus Myth Democrats caused the housing collapse which lead to the recession. Revenue was up under Bush tax cuts
Wow.. Unreal! You seem to be a very confused individual. Allow me to clear things up for you. Nobody's 'whining' about providing contraception or any other medication for the men & women who serve & defend our country.. Conservatives don't feel they should be denied ANYTHING their doctor would prescribe, because they make so many sacrafices & are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice while serving our nation. What people are complaining about, is liberals living off the dole who expect others to pay for their abortions, contraception & other entitlements at the cost of the provider's constitutionally guaranteed religious liberty! Get real. We are talking about people who can't even take the most basic responsibility for themselves by abstaining or buying their own birth control & you still amazingly blame others for it. News flash; Another American's religious liberty is worth SO MUCH MORE than your $10 box of pills ever will be. Always will be. Try being responsible for yourself sometime! The immaturity & entitlement of the liberal mind is just unbelievable.
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Top 10 Conservatives of 2013

ttaylor841 Wrote: Dec 31, 2013 2:41 AM
Wow - just wow! What an amazing display of ignorance! Didn't your mother ever teach you that it is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to speak and remove any doubt?
Hey better than to vote for a Democrat considering red states have much better economies, job opportunities, private sector growth, more personal freedoms, lower taxes & lower crime rates. Just look at the fruits of the long term Democrat run states. Crushing debt, high taxes, widespread poverty, limited freedom, high crime rates & looming bankruptcy. Anyone that would vote for Democrat rule these days is an idiot.
Your argument *might* be taken seriously IF it didn't fall flat on it's face by several inconvenient truths. We know this ideology has been tried MANY, MANY times & historically it is an utter failure. It does not lift up the poor. Rather, it makes everybody (outside the government elite & their ultra wealthy buddies), POOR. It is also the #1 cause of death during the past century. Democide is a serious killer. Do a little research on that. You will not be able to generate any example of this system you endorse having success. All it ever ends in is misery, tyranny & poverty for the populous. This is the reason people have left their homelands in droves to come to America over the past century. You are either a useful idiot or a liar. I hope for your sake you are the former & will soon awaken to the reality of the evils of statism. Perhaps it would help a little if you simply review it's history & how well that worked out.
The game isn't that 'new'. Yes, It IS SICK, but it has been reported on by conservative media since at least 2011. .
Thankyou for your stellar coverage Katie, As always, great work exposing the criminals in our gov't. I look forward to the day we in Az will have your representation on the hill.
OK this is totally screwed up. The formatting is screwed up so we can see the HTML code surrounding each 'quote' you guys! TERRIBLE! Had to delete a tweet with a link to this because I'm not going to share something so unreadable! FIX IT TOWNHALL!
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