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Castro hasn't done much communizing for the past 30 years. Most of the problem came because Castro nationalized the factory farms. Many of which were kept on the books at low values. Likewise a lot of the folks in Miami want to go back to Cuba and buy it up cheap. So they want to maximize the crisis value in any transition and don't want to see prices go up before they get there.
So does he still want the protesters to "Stay the Course"? BTW was Obama already in St Louis for other business or did he fly there just to meet with a bunch of fledgling rioters?
So in the meantime they just steal other people's identities
Oh... and just wait until the 11m (?) illegals start signing up for free Obamacare, free social security, free food stamps, welfare and Section-8 Housing. The Democrats will be very happy in 2016 if a GOP wins so they will then be able to blame the exploding debt on "George Bush."
This Gruber guy has a bigger bullseye on his back than the guy who said it was he and not Obama who pulled the trigger on OBL
Ooh. Big bad Obama. The GOP consistently tries to provide ongoing solutions to many of the issues. For example just a few days ago they offered a bill to ask employers to confirm people's status regarding right to work. But the Democrats blocked it since it failed to include a "path to citizenship." Likewise Obama said he will veto any bills not offering a "path to citizenship." So maybe Obama's insistence is why we have a "broken immigration system." Because Obama is not getting the right flavor.
We can send them food stamps in Central America. Which is a lot cheaper than the US.
Maybe Israel should also let Palestinians live in West Jersulalem.
This Jay Rockefeller is starting to look pretty old. Oprah should be happy about him soon.
Get over it already. It was the video.
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