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Obama Delivers Recipe For Disaster in Israel

tsqwared Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 2:39 PM
Obama finally, reluctantly makes it to Israel and what does he do? LIES LIES LIES!!! Yes the Liar-in-chief strikes again! For the life of me, I as a Jewish-Christian, can not understand why ANY JEW, ANYWHERE would be an Obama supporter, or believe Obamas lies!? But of course, the president of Israel, Peres, is a LIBERAL IDIOT. He is the one that gave Obama the highest award Israel has to offer, not Bibi. I pray the Israeli people DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING Obama says or promises. Its NONE OF HIS DAMN BUSINESS anyway! So BUTT-OUT OBAMA! You stinking LIAR!

You can’t blame President Obama for making a beeline to a convention hall filled with students during his Israel trip. If there is any group that has shown a particular susceptibility to his snake oil, it is the soft, impressionable minds of those at the cusp of adulthood.

We can only hope that Israeli students are less gullible than their American counterparts.

The president’s wish is for Israelis to lose their resolve against Palestinian terrorism, to shrug and just let a Palestinian state sprout in their midst.

For the record, there are plenty of Israelis willing to do just that, which...