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GIVE whatever land the Palestinians have stolen back to Israel and deport ALL PALESTINIANS!! That would solve the problem. They can all go back to Jordan and Saudi Arabia. They did not come to Israel as "Palestinians"!!
AMEN! The "Promised Land" was goiven to the Jewish people thousands of years ago! The "Palestineans" need to get the hell OUT! Israel-- do NOT agree to a 2 state solution! The land is yours alone! DO NOT LISTEN TO THE devil named Obama! He secretly hates YOU! He loves the Muslims wherever they happen to be---because Obama is one! DO NOT BELIEVE OBAMA!!!
Obama finally, reluctantly makes it to Israel and what does he do? LIES LIES LIES!!! Yes the Liar-in-chief strikes again! For the life of me, I as a Jewish-Christian, can not understand why ANY JEW, ANYWHERE would be an Obama supporter, or believe Obamas lies!? But of course, the president of Israel, Peres, is a LIBERAL IDIOT. He is the one that gave Obama the highest award Israel has to offer, not Bibi. I pray the Israeli people DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING Obama says or promises. Its NONE OF HIS DAMN BUSINESS anyway! So BUTT-OUT OBAMA! You stinking LIAR!
What an absurd comment! The public unions have been Democrat supporters and funders for decades! They don't support Repubs, so your point is stupid! They are thugs, and liars, just like the Obama regime and his thurs! So don't throw Repubs in with that melee! Obama has NO answers--just handouts to lure the incompetent and lazy ointo voting for his brand of communism! Obama and ALL his ilk disgust me, and most reasonable, conservatives are disgusted too. God is with us! ROMNEY/RYAN win by a LANDSLIDE!
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Republican Surrenderists for Obamacare

tsqwared Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 2:49 PM
This is the kind of crap that makes my blood boil! Vote out the RINOs asap! Thanks Michelle for bringing us this insite. Cry baby Boehner makes me sick, as does houty-touty Eric Cantor and mealy-mouth McConnell! They better get rid of Eric Holder NOW, before Obama can use him to get his way anymore! Obacare is TOTALLY UN-CONSTITUTIONAL! Throw it ALL out. The GOP can build some kind of healthcare reform that is CONSTITUTIONAL and economical. The COST of our health insurance goes UP with every new mandate added.
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