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Bravo, Cathy! Get the truth out while you can before the big money machine behind TH uses your sense as bait on a hook.
The government IS out of money - that's why they declared bankruptcy in 1933 and quietly gave the Uniform Commercial Code precedence over the U.S. Constitution.
Those who print the money (IOU's), control the press (6 people own ALL major media), and count the votes (do you know for sure that your vote was counted and that illegitimate ones were not?) - rule the world.
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Eat Without Fear

tsimitpo Wrote: May 29, 2014 1:39 AM
John, I was one of your biggest fans way back when you started out in the journalism business, but somebody didn't like what you were exposing and found a way to buy you out somewhere along the way as you gradually transitioned to an apologist and a way-paver for the corporate elite globalists of the world. I realize this will sound harsh to the readers here, but this article is a bunch of global elite corporate fascism BS, and you're stooging for them again here. This comes out of the same vein where you promoted that tap water is just as good as bottled water, despite the fact that it contains undosed quantities of flouride and chlorine and who knows how many recirculated pharmaceuticals that are ubiquitous in public water. Using the "documented proof" argument is a fool's folly that totally puts everything else you wrote in that category as pure propaganda for Big Chemical and the oligarch's of the world. I'd bet everything I have that you and your family don't eat GMO foods without discretion (a little Round-Up, anyone?), but it seems you're more than happy to convince the sheeple (anybody who blindly believes what they read, hear, or see on their favorite flavor of corporate media) to. The problem is that GE/GMO proliferation is impossible to restrain forever due to cross-pollination (might help explain so many bee population deaths) and global air circulation, so even if you eat from the elite's seed bank you'll be affected as well at some point. Human life is far too complex to demonstrably and undeniably PROVE that genetically engineered foods - or just about anything else, for that matter - are solely responsible for harm to the body. Even the guy that was the subject of the documentary "Supersize Me" didn't have clinical PROOF that eating only at McDonalds for 30 days was what nearly killed him, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it did far more harm than good.
That's what they want us to think, but how do you think a "candidate" is made? They can't do it themselves.
Don't ever forget that Fox News and the Republican party were complicit in paving the way for the lawless one's election by obeying their masters and restricting discussion on key issues. Then watch how comments such as this get reacted to in order for the dirty little truth to continue to be marginalized, and you'll see how easily a country can be stolen from its people with money and not a shot fired.
Clay may just be finding out how politics works - they've put him on a train he can't get off now. Mr. Elmers would be well advised to throw the election at this point or at least upgrade his life insurance. Unless this is one of those very rare times when it really WAS an accident...
Well, duh! If people keep watching and trusting corporate national media, that's the propaganda they've been fed. What would you EXPECT the poll numbers to look like. Most polls are nothing but a reflection of which "authors of the truth" people have been listening to.
So why did you read it and take the time to comment? Nobody's making you read and comment on it.
Yep - there are now more one-day-a-month workers than there used to be. Too bad median household income keeps plummeting while the dollar keeps getting hammered by the Fed to the tune of $85+ Billion a month of "QE".
I've seen plenty of men take criticism for choosing to be a full-time parent while their wife plays the breadwinner. Not all men are as capable of "winning the bread" and not all women are as adept at being the full-time parent. It goes both ways. However, as a rule of thumb, there are things women can do that men can't and things men can do that women can't. Childbirth and breastfeeding come to mind. Once past that, each family has to decide for themselves how to best mete out their abilities to fulfill their responsibilities. In any case, the children will reflect how high a priority they were to their parents and pass it on down...
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