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Tales Of A Politician Who Will Say Anything To Distract Illinois Taxpayers From Her Job-Destroying Policies; IL-17 Race of the Day

TS8 Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 3:27 PM
Sure he seems to have the advantage, but, is it enough to overcome the voter fraud that WILL take place? He'll need a lot of poll watchers.

Democrat Cheri Bustos could write a book on how to distract voters from her disturbing job-destroying record. Anointed by the Chicago political machine as the Democrat candidate in Illinois’ 17th District, Bustos started her campaign by following their playbook by attacking pizzeria owner and union member Bobby Schilling right out of the gate. In an effort to shed light on her aversion to the truth, the NRCC has launched a Web site dedicated to exposing the real Cheri Bustos – The site chronicles Bustos’ record in a series of chapters highlighting her support of big-government policies that have made...