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Even in SF, There Is No Free Naked Lunch

TS8 Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 10:25 AM
Exactly what SF deserves. You continue to elect lunatics, pretty soon any and all lunatic behavior surfaces. california will never learn. There is a reason people are leaving in droves and their economy is collapsing.
The news release headline reads, "Supervisor Wiener to introduce legislation restricting public nudity to appropriate venues." That's San Francisco City Hall-speak for: The city is getting ready to ban public nudity, but not from the Folsom Street Fair or other public venues where nudity has been known to make cameo appearances.

If the San Francisco Board of Supervisors actually does ban public nudity, it will do so after so much hand-wringing you would think the supes had been handcuffed to reality and forced to stare at too much sagging skin.

I feel for Scott Wiener -- who was elected in 2010, just as...

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