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Part of Utah's Anti-Polygamy Law Struck Down

TS8 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 7:57 PM
There are no forms of marriage that can be illegal based on current judicial rulings. All marriage laws are based on Judeo-Christian beliefs which are capricious at best. There is no legal basis anymore to oppose any type of marriage. Parents to children--brothers to sisters or brothers--adults to little children--multiple marriage situations where all 4 people are married to the 3 others. Why would any of these be illegal?
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Modern Feminism: A Teenage Boy’s Dream

TS8 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 9:04 AM
Derek almost had it. The ultimate goal is to have an abortion. Can't get pregnant and have that abortion until the early promiscuity starts. That's the true feminist goal.
Does obama plan to nuke any country that doesn't meet their :goals"? How about we don't let China buy any more of our debt as their punishment?
Republicans should just ignore whatever he does. Pass bills like he doesn't exist. This will be tied up in court for a few years.
16%, not 17.
Not surprised. It just means France has a muslim population of 17%
Islamics have already said many times that the West values life more than they do. Recently, I read that an hamas leader said that all they had to do was kidnap a few Israeli soldiers and the campaign against them would end immediately. That's why the barbaric murders. If that tactic doesn't work for them anymore, they are in trouble.
It's not a racial slur if a black says it about another black. I believe those are the rules.
Simple question--Do any other countries use Common Core? If not, why not? If so, what are their results? I bet other countries that value education are ecstatic that the US has gone to CC. It guarantees the US will fall even farther behind.
obma armed isis as the opposition in Syria. He didn't even know who they were except they were the JV. I argue with an obama supporter in my local paper who says, because of obama's policies, the world has never been safer.
If a lawsuit is filed, counter sue. They will back off because they can't force the issue. If someone fights them they'll run They're hoping people will cave in without a fight.
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