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It's called extortion. That's a felony. People are in prison for a lot less.
Does this ruling allow homosexual marriage between siblings? Since the main reason for preventing sibling marriage is genetic, concerning children, and since homosexuals can't produce children between themselves, there is no reason to prevent it.
Question-Presuming this passes, will gay siblings be allowed to marry? If the main argument against sibling marriage is for genetic reasons involving children, then there is no reason to prevent it. Homosexuals can't have children together, so it seems like a no brainer. If homosexual siblings can now marry, why can't heterosexual siblings? Only sexual discrimination would prevent it.
Walmart has 2 choices, it seems. Quit donating and watch the charities struggle ( however, I'm positive that bloomberg would take up the slack) or continue to give and wait for the council to act. I'd really like to see the council respond to a lawsuit on this.
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Bowe Bergdahl, Just Deserts

TS8 Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 8:44 PM
A political stunt backfires on obama, it seems. Even feinstein thinks it was illegal. It will take a lot of bribery to reverse her position.
Unless I'm reading this wrong, It appears she will be on the ballot since she came in second. That means she could still be elected. Am I wrong or right?
If a Republican is elected , executive order this away. The next president should just reduce the size of the cabinet. No appointments for epa, education, hud, commerce. Start dismantling those departments. Without a head, they should disappear. They were created out of thin air and can be sent back to nothingness.
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Seattle council passes $15 minimum wage

TS8 Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 7:39 PM
Minimum wage was never intended to support a family--ever. Seattle suburbs should start seeing an influx of new small businesses over the next couple of years. Interestingly, when this takes effect, the politicians who enacted it may be long gone and their successors will have to deal with the mess.
Another reason hbo is not on my cable.
soros is a nazi war criminal. No surprise he is involved in this organization.
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