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The future for America and maybe even the present. Can't offend those rapists. Anyway, it's not really rape because it's their traditions and the girls liked it.
Things like this are why I NEVER travel to or through new york, illinois, new jersey. I refuse to spend any money in those liberal cesspools. The sooner illinois goes bankrupt the better.
Obama will find out about this after an attack. Just like he finds out about everything else.
This type of aggression against the USA was predictable in 2008. I said, then, that Obama will embolden all our enemies since his past behavior showed he will not stand for America and they can do such things with impunity. N. Korea, Russia, China, The chaos in the middle east will all get worse. All those areas know that Obama has put politicians in charge of the military and there will be no response except stupidity. The illegal prisoner swap is showing its results already.
Why is the media surprised or unhappy. They facilitated this by giving free passes on everything about his background--birth certificate--HS records--College records. Now, they're unhappy. What did they think fundamentally changing America meant? I'm not surprised at the current state of affairs. Now will be the good old days in a couple of years.
You know, that politician on the shirt sort of looks like obama.
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The Continued Farce

TS8 Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 12:56 PM
Excellent. However, the number murdered by the liberal anti-DDT campaign is in the 10s of millions, not just millions. All based on a fraudulent study. However, since most of the dead are black Africans, the libs are very comfortable with that. There has never been a recorded death due to DDT exposure. If malaria showed up in NY, DC or San Francisco, the skies would be raining DDT.
Soon enough, There will be objections to all restaurants that serve bacon, ribs, or any other pork product. Then what?
Since when did the doj start controlling local school districts. There wasn't any law passed. Asking violates no laws and can't be illegal.
Is there any doubt? Everyone seems to know this except the current administration.
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Part of Utah's Anti-Polygamy Law Struck Down

TS8 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 7:57 PM
There are no forms of marriage that can be illegal based on current judicial rulings. All marriage laws are based on Judeo-Christian beliefs which are capricious at best. There is no legal basis anymore to oppose any type of marriage. Parents to children--brothers to sisters or brothers--adults to little children--multiple marriage situations where all 4 people are married to the 3 others. Why would any of these be illegal?
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