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A Bullet a Day Keeps the Doctor Alive

TS8 Wrote: 14 hours ago (10:59 AM)
The anti-gun nuts have to be furious. Only 1 killed. There could have been a dozen or more murdered if the doctor followed the rules. The more murders the better for their agenda. I predict the nuts will put a lot of pressure to fire and/or prosecute him.
Fundraising and campaigning are the things he's most skilled at. The only things, besides golf and bankrupting the country, he enjoys.
Their own fault for being arrested. You have to know the laws, even unconstitutional ones. DC will be willing and able to spend 100s of thousands to make an example by prosecuting. Who can afford millions to defend themselves?
What else can be expected when muslims were allowed to immigrate by the millions to these countries. These countries accepted millions of terrorists and are now paying the price. I expect large scale rioting in any country that bans firearms for the citizens.
They are racists in favor of voter fraud. Though black, they believe blacks are too stupid to get ID. They think backs do not participate in US society. They believe blacks don't have jobs or bank accounts. If that's not racist, nothing is.
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GUILTY: For Just Being Christian

TS8 Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 9:21 AM
How, exactly, can a mere mayor cause a college to lose accreditation? She has no more power to do that than I do.
lois is nuttier than usual--a completely ignorant statement. WATER, SEWERAGE SIDEWALK MAINTENANCE were NEVER covered by property taxes in Detroit. NEVER. I was raised in Detroit and know. She/he/it is so stupid on this issue, it is astounding. Just repetition of the communist party line.
OK--So what happened to the other 875 billion, lois?
Wasn't the "stimulus" theft supposed to fund shovel ready jobs just like this? It's like that money was used to pay off campaign donors and bribes to others. That couldn't be so? The "stimulus" was done for the good of the country, wasn't it? Where is that money?
These kids are supposed to end up democrats, not Christians. Those 2 are incompatible.
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