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You say pota(e)to I say pota(h)o. Howard Dean says Republicans get Blame. i say they get Credit!
Juan is useful to the leprechaun. He needs a foil against which to parry his sword but he wants to make sure there’s no way for him to get hurt by it.
Two thoughts - First Boehner needs to send congress home for a week to pulse their constituents. Second We all should log on to and start creating bogus accounts.
If I'm paying for someone else's food I sure should have a say in what that food is.
I think most are smart enough to distinguish between America's credibility and B(s)HO's credibility.
In his speech on Saturday Obama said that the decision was not time dependent. Boehner should just refer this to a committee and have them study the issue until after the 2014 election.
Boehner should just form a committee to look into it and report back... BTW take your time.
What about the budget?!!!
Did the administration edit these "talking points" like they did with Benghazi?
I hear that eventually that stuff gets to your brain.
"I have said before and I meant what I said" Can I take this to mean that sometimes BHO doesn't mean what he says? How can we tell when he does and when he doesn't?
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