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Like a Boss - Only Different
$1,900,000,000:$18,000,000 = 10555% A pretty good ROI!
"As society has grown more diverse (a good thing) and social trust has eroded (a bad thing), the authority of hidden law has atrophied." Me thinks the author doesn't pay attention to what he says. Perhaps diversity has as much to do with the atrophy as eroding social trust it may contribute to that too.
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Why the White House Is Panicking

TruthSetsUFree Wrote: Feb 15, 2014 9:08 PM
"One wonders why it took them so long." - They just started reading it & found what's in it.
I believe he can be impeached. It might not be effective but they could at least tie him up for the next year or so with testimony and subpoenas. I'm sure lots of fun facts could be produced with this process. And maybe Obama would have him leave rather than answer certain questions under oath.
Why isn't it Superbowl IIL?
And just how many elections has The Donald won?
Why does the author call this man SHE?????
JW, How many "Turks" do you know? All of the ones I know are in fact caucasian.
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The Triumph of Liberty University

TruthSetsUFree Wrote: Dec 07, 2013 12:12 PM
This is something Michael Cannon should opine on but it seems there is a loophole in ACA Liberty University could use to avoid their moral dilemma. Offer a very expensive plan that complies with the ACA. And offer the plan they want to at an affordable rate. The expensive plan would be subject to the so-called Cadillac tax but since it would be too expensive for anyone to purchase the University wouldn’t incur any costs. We Americans are quite resourceful and I’m sure there are many ways to comply with the law in ways ”The Regime” would have never imagined.
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“Health” Insurance for Hook-Ups

TruthSetsUFree Wrote: Nov 22, 2013 11:19 PM
Have you had a LHOBHOTOMY?
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