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J Yellen was appointed by one Barack Hussein Obama. Is anyone surprised she is a stranger to the truth?
It is even emblazoned on our currency - E Pluribus Unum I would argue that those who advocate for "diversity" advocate treason.
My Great Grandfather was born here and his Great Grandfather and his Great Grandfather too and I like soccer.
"We can't let a minority of people hold a viewpoint that terrorizes a majority of people." Does this apply to a certain religion headquartered in Arabia?
The baker should have a standard police that all of his wedding cakes contain the phrase "One man One Woman ad GOD Intended"
Like a Boss - Only Different
$1,900,000,000:$18,000,000 = 10555% A pretty good ROI!
"As society has grown more diverse (a good thing) and social trust has eroded (a bad thing), the authority of hidden law has atrophied." Me thinks the author doesn't pay attention to what he says. Perhaps diversity has as much to do with the atrophy as eroding social trust it may contribute to that too.
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Why the White House Is Panicking

TruthSetsUFree Wrote: Feb 15, 2014 9:08 PM
"One wonders why it took them so long." - They just started reading it & found what's in it.
I believe he can be impeached. It might not be effective but they could at least tie him up for the next year or so with testimony and subpoenas. I'm sure lots of fun facts could be produced with this process. And maybe Obama would have him leave rather than answer certain questions under oath.
Why isn't it Superbowl IIL?
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