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One Nation Under Godlessness

TruthSetsUFree Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 8:53 AM
The only way to stop this is to remove our children from the Government Schools! This is the most important issue in America today. Charter schools are a red herring. The solution is vouchers for private school so parents can get their children out of these God hating schools.
The only way to negotiate with H O-bama is in public via press conference.
It is disturbing to me is the independents they mirror the democrats in everything except global warming.
J Yellen was appointed by one Barack Hussein Obama. Is anyone surprised she is a stranger to the truth?
It is even emblazoned on our currency - E Pluribus Unum I would argue that those who advocate for "diversity" advocate treason.
My Great Grandfather was born here and his Great Grandfather and his Great Grandfather too and I like soccer.
"We can't let a minority of people hold a viewpoint that terrorizes a majority of people." Does this apply to a certain religion headquartered in Arabia?
The baker should have a standard police that all of his wedding cakes contain the phrase "One man One Woman ad GOD Intended"
Like a Boss - Only Different
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