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That pseudo redneck is a pseudo singer too.
Pretend cowboy pretends to sing about the virtues of the worlds biggest pretender.
It's way to early for her demise. That needs to wait until Oct. 2016. Until then we all should be telling the pollsters how great a president she would be.
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One Nation Under Godlessness

TruthSetsUFree Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 8:53 AM
The only way to stop this is to remove our children from the Government Schools! This is the most important issue in America today. Charter schools are a red herring. The solution is vouchers for private school so parents can get their children out of these God hating schools.
The only way to negotiate with H O-bama is in public via press conference.
It is disturbing to me is the independents they mirror the democrats in everything except global warming.
J Yellen was appointed by one Barack Hussein Obama. Is anyone surprised she is a stranger to the truth?
It is even emblazoned on our currency - E Pluribus Unum I would argue that those who advocate for "diversity" advocate treason.
My Great Grandfather was born here and his Great Grandfather and his Great Grandfather too and I like soccer.
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