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The GOP and Round Two

Truthseeker Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 3:55 PM
Conspiculously absent in Hewitt's kudos is for Vice President Joe Biden. Mitch "Turtleman" didn't do this on his own for sure. Biden helped in large part to broker the agreement, even the Turtle said so. So, Hewitt, I know you hate Joe, but he did a good thing. And by the way, enough with the sports analogies. The word "win" is overused in this context - as in a win for the president, a win for a political party. If there are winners, it's the country. After all, this should never be about political parties, politicians, or Grover "never been elected to anything" Norquist. Wow, old Grover will have his hands full trying to primary all of those repubs who voted for this thing. Yes, we need to cut down on defense. Enough, already.

President Obama won the first round of his second term, but thanks to Mitch McConnell the beating wasn’t as severe as it could have been.

The period between the election and the turn of the calendar was dominated by the president, with Speaker John Boehner as his foil. The Speaker always seemed to assume the president was negotiating in good faith, even as the campaign events continued, and even as he was pummeled day and night by the president and his surrogates in the MSM.

The collapse of the Speaker's and the GOP’s ability to make an argument was complete...