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Ed Schultz Collecting Union Money

Truthseeker Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 12:22 PM
What This "article" fails to report is that Ed gave his honorarium to the scholarship fund. Can't write a "story" without leaving out key facts. But again, TH never lets the facts get in the way of a "good story."
One think to remember - Hughie is serially wrong about everything. Anyone who would take advice from this shill is misguided. But that's OK, take the advice and fail one more time! Remember A Mormon in the White House! Yeah, pick it up for 99 cents in the bargain bin.
Here's the deal, Hughie, Hillary is gonna knock it out of the park in 2016 and there is nothing you or any of your ilk can do about it! Yeah, just keep shouting the talking points Reince gives you every day. Problem is, you are preaching to your very own small, tiny, little, puny choir.
Waaaaa! Like McTurtle kept his word about not allowing obstruction. Just the same old, same old. We the people are tired of the do-nothing congress and Senate. Thanks Harry, for keeping your word!
Waaaaaaaa, how you whine, Hughie!
Dream on, Hughie. Oh, have you forgotten Cruz is Canadian? None of these jokers has a chance against Hillary. None!
Remind me, how many times did Ronnie raise taxes? True conservative? YOu guys just love to re-write history when it comes to this guy.
Cowards! This is disgusting!
OK, he probably meant kangaroo court, which is what these hearings are. Just nothing more than witch hunts.
What are you babbling about? Been listening to Alex Jones?
The tea party is funded by the Koch Brothers and their ilk. It's not grassroots. They spend a lot of money to stir up the goobers who buy this garbage. Real Americans? Really? And anyone who doesn't sip that tea is not "really American?" What about the tea bag darling, Cruz? He's not American!
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