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Waaaaa! Like McTurtle kept his word about not allowing obstruction. Just the same old, same old. We the people are tired of the do-nothing congress and Senate. Thanks Harry, for keeping your word!
Waaaaaaaa, how you whine, Hughie!
Dream on, Hughie. Oh, have you forgotten Cruz is Canadian? None of these jokers has a chance against Hillary. None!
Remind me, how many times did Ronnie raise taxes? True conservative? YOu guys just love to re-write history when it comes to this guy.
Cowards! This is disgusting!
OK, he probably meant kangaroo court, which is what these hearings are. Just nothing more than witch hunts.
What are you babbling about? Been listening to Alex Jones?
The tea party is funded by the Koch Brothers and their ilk. It's not grassroots. They spend a lot of money to stir up the goobers who buy this garbage. Real Americans? Really? And anyone who doesn't sip that tea is not "really American?" What about the tea bag darling, Cruz? He's not American!
As usual, Hewitt deals in hyperbole and mixed metaphors. I mean, jumping from sports to storming beaches? Get over it, this was a disaster for the repugs, especially the Cruz-weasel. People in Texas ought to be suffering buyers remorse over this guy. He almost turned our country to Greece with his antics. Send this creep back to Canada.
No kidding. It is to laugh. And yeah, Romney was going to win big, wasn't he.
Your source? Faux not news?
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