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Well, Thomas isn't white, but I agree with your comment. And if it had gone the other way, Hewie and his ilk would be yelling, "Activist judges!"
Wrong again, Hewie! Hewie blew it, as always. This guy strikes out constantly, why would anyone listen to him?
Significance of them? You guys are a laughing stock with your witch hunts while nothing is getting done.
More endless hearings that will go nowhere - meanwhile, the people's business doesn't get done. Turn them all out!
He does a great job on his own every time he opens his mouth.
Doctor X - right on! Couldn't have said it better myself! Yeah, what do they have to offer - Rubio, Rand, Walker and Cruz the Canadian? Sure, right!
Wow, talk about burying a story. This is not something that will easily be swept under the rug and will more than likely destroy any presidential ambitions this guy had. I would bet money he knows more than he's telling. It will come out and he will be done. Stick a fork in him. By the way, this is a genuine scandal and I am amused how far I had to scroll down to find it. Amazing.
Wow, shocked to find this story on this website, even though it's buried!
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The Gates Earthquake

Truthseeker Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 3:04 PM
You will all be disappointed, because no one will read this book - just the shills like Hughie, who are rubbing their hands together and saying, "Gotcha." I understand there are parts of the book that are actually complimentary to the administration, but of course, the baggers like Hughie will conveniently ignore it!
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