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New Obama Slogan: From One, Many

TruthorDie Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 8:20 PM
Barry Soetoro is NOT my President. He does not meet the legal qualifications. Even ignoring that threshold point, he has acquired his title by a series of frauds. * He has actively concealed and lied about his parentage, his upbringing, his culture, his beliefs, and his qualifications to serve. This extends beyond "birtherism". He had a duty to reveal himself, but he has lied, fabricated false proofs, and actively hidden or destroyed documents. * He has violated his Oath of Office to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the U.S. * He has practiced deceit on a world-wide stage to the enduring detriment of our citizens. * He now conspires with others to effect the destruction of our republic in a second term.

President Obama is my president. He's not illegitimate. He's not a usurper. He was duly elected by my fellow citizens -- and as much as I think he's a horrible commander-in-chief with anti-American ideals, that's the choice Americans made in 2008.

But by the same token, President Obama isn't my president. He isn't doing anything for me, the typical, faceless American citizen. I'm not a member of a minority group -- at least a minority group that counts (being Jewish obviously doesn't count when it comes to Obama's giveaway grab bag). I'm not a welfare case, and I'm employed....