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Will Republicans Ever Win the Presidency Again?

truthandlogic Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 10:12 AM
If the 2016 Presidential contest will be between sour, slow talking, wrinkled Hilary Clinton and the much younger and dynamic White Latino Ted Cruz, then from my perspective here in 2012, I like the Republican chances. The House election result of a very strong and very Conservative majority, is a truer barometer of the intrinsic political mentality of America than the heavily left-wing media warped Presidential election result.
Rochesternative Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 3:55 PM
But more likely the Dems will put forth another "Barack Obama-type" since they've seen how successful a clean-up articulate person can be.
In the aftermath of the reelection of the worst president since James Buchanan, the question must be asked. Clearly, the Republican Party is on the downswing. But why?

There are two easy answers. Neither of them is correct. The first answer is advanced by proponents of liberalism. They say that the 2012 election was an ideological election, the seminal, long-awaited decision of the American public to fully embrace their inner socialists. This argument posits that Mitt Romney was an extreme conservative, Barack Obama was an extreme liberal, and the American people cast their lot with the liberal.

That argument is incorrect. As...