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The Buck Stops with Another Typical Liberal Racist

Truth001 Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 10:25 PM
Steve539: I will give a list of Obama accomplishments, but first I would like to hear from the conservatives relative to what Romney would do different to improve the economy. I've read his tax proposal and it has more holes in it than swiss cheese. Why should I vote for a Candidate that seemingly has no plan?

The Gosh Darn Liberal wrote: Wow, what a week. Obama care passed and hopefully my insurance goes down. Maybe I should call it Romneycare and you people will look the other way. What a week! The weather has slapped most of you in the face and no "Global warming is a fraud" charges. Hope your enjoying your warm spell. What a week. Bin Laden is still dead and it still sticks in your craw. Happiness is a whiney conservative cut off at the knees. What a week! Housing prices are going up in my area. Ransom can stay in D.C. with all the...

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