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Obama's MurderGate: Fast and Furious Investigation to Continue Regardless of Contempt Vote

Truth001 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 12:30 PM
Murdergate a little strong any for Townhall. I might call the Iraq war murdergate. 4600 young soldiers for what,
Truth001 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 1:44 PM
You have been reduced to one word responses good. Very intellgent to I mind add.. Is that how you ask for dinner "Food".
FormerlyDoug325 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 4:37 PM
Until you can construct sentences with proper spelling, subject/verb agreement, and appropriate punctuation, it's probably best not to suggest that anyone else is, shall we say, intellectually inferior.
algae Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 11:28 PM
algae Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 6:53 PM

UPDATE 4:14 PM: Attorney General Eric Holder has been voted in contempt of Congress by the House Oversight Committee by 23-17. The vote came down after three Demcratic amendments to the contempt charge were voted down. An amendment introduced by Rep. Trey Gowdy rendering President Obama's invocation of executive privilege not applicable or relevant to this case at this time. The contempt charge will now move to the full House next week.

Capitol Hill- Attorney General Eric Holder got a temporary lifeline from President Obama today just minutes before the House Oversight Committee started debate over whether to hold...