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As of 7 November 2013, there have been 3,395 coalition deaths in Afghanistan as part of ongoing coalition operations . This includes Bush and Obama's watch. You statement is a not true. Obama has never told the troops 2 weeks into a battle "mission accomplished" only for our troops to find 8 years later they are still fighting the battle.
There were about 4500 dead soldiers that followed GWB to battle and for what? He should be grateful for their service! With that said, there is no doubt in my mind that anyone who carries the title of President shoulders to their death the awful decision and guilt to send young men and women to battle.
Michele you are bottom feeding on this article.
As mentioned in the article the RNC out spent the the DNC by 3 yo 1 and still lost.
I'm sure there are some in Virginia who dislike the ACA, but there are more that hated the government shutdown led by the likes of Cuccinelli. Money, as proven in many other elections, does not alway buy votes.
Rubio: “I Do Support Senator McConnell’s Re-Election” I'm sure Mitch is saying the feeling is mutual.
The treasonous bast***. was the 144 GOP House members that voted to destroy the country.
Unfortunately Boehner is just a puppet of the Heritage Foundation.
Not listening to poll numbers lost the GOP the 2012 election. It sounds like many posters do not want to listen to poll numbers.
You may want to look at Ken Cuccinelli record to better understand the voters of Virginia
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