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Hillary has been fighting for the little people every since Bill and her entered the political world. Mitt has been fighting for Corporate America for his entire career. When she refers to him not being in touch with the working stiff she is correct. How can he be. That has not been his focus..
First of all you are talking about everyone in Washington when you accuse someone of hypocrisy. Dead broke is a figure of speech not to be taken in its literal form like some try to do to fit their political character attacks.
If Palin could have demand what Hillary gets she would have demanded it. If people are willing to pay the fee and buy the books from either of these ladies I wish them well. This is just good old yankee Ingenuity
Sarah Palin (the wife of a fishermen) demanded: $75,000 minimum First-Class airfare "Deluxe" hotel accommodations Chauffeur to and from event with SUV (or, in pinch, black Town Car) Wooden lecturn Two bottled waters Bendy straws (for the waters) Pen on which to scribble notes on her hand So why again is the article of any importance?
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Meet the Cops Who Gave Their Lives

Truth001 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 10:36 AM
So to the point which side of the fence were you on, the Bundy side or law enforcement.side because Bundy truly broke the law. We have no idea what happened in Ferguson but every individual with or without a uniform is innocent until proven guilty. Mob behavior is not the answer, but excessive force to put down the mob is equally bad.
John Bolton is a real knowledgeable source. He spent 1 year as Ambassador to the UN. That really makes him some kind of foreign policy expert. I have lol every time Fox brings him in to speak on an issue.
Wow is good to see the people from Weasel Zipper are keeping such good tabs of the President's calendar.
As long as the GOP is fractured is will never win another Presidential election. If you believe otherwise you are just kidding yourself.
If Jindal Care were a game of darts it would not even hit the target let alone the bullseye.
Does this article says nothing. What a waste of time.
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Putin, Not Obama, is the Messiah

Truth001 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 5:27 PM
Putin has got to be laughing his rear end off because the US is the only place where the people eat their own. He is got to be saying I can do know wrong I'm a hero to those US media conservative outlets and its checkmate to the US left and its western allies.. Oh by the way John post another picture of this guy next time or at least one with a shirt. If you want to look at this guy without a shirt do it in private
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