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It was the judge's opinion he had no official ruling on this. ACA hasn't been shot down to the contrary the ACA was upheld. your arguments are very week.
This was addressing your buddy Ed Henry.
Here are the facts Obama EO -193 GWB EO 291 Reagan 381 Clinton 364 Roosevelt 3721 Eisenhower 484 So knock off the overreach thing. They have all done it.
No it not reason for an unconstitutional executive order, but no one has proven any of the EO are unconstitutional. Calling the EO's unconstitutional makes for great political theater.
Whether we believe the plan will work or not why share the negative opinion with the enemy. Because we just did. Why not try a new concept and show our enemy we're are united force. You know why because we rather grandstand. My Mom and Dad taught me "can't" never got anything done. The alternative to the Presidents plan is get a bunch of soldiers killed. So I guess that's the General's plan.
There were six polls 4 had Udall winning and two show Gardner slightly ahead but so close it was well in within the margin of error. In Colorado its all about demographics. The more rural areas tend to me more Red while Denver Metro tend to be Blue.
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Prepare for War

Truth001 Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 9:34 PM
If he cared about his country he would not being championing a land grab at the expense of his own economy. Putin cares about Putin. Its a shame your hatred for Obama has impaired your day to day judgement.
Yes I no what ISSL says but its a far cry from reality> It was far from a 100% vote on the Iraq war, but that was not a declaration of war.
"Just this week Psaki has refused to call Russia's invasion of Ukraine an "invasion," wouldn't say America is at war with ISIS" And just why would she let the press core try and put words in your mouth only to play them back at her at a later time to try and make a political point. "Russia's invasion of Ukraine" supplying weapons yes. Full scale invasion I think not. "America is at war with ISIS" At war with who. The US is in pursuit of murderous thugs. That has been our MO since 9/11. Did we even declare war on Iraq when we invaded them? WAR-a state of armed conflict between different nations or states. ISSL have no boundaries, they have no state, they don't even have a true religion..
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The Foreign Policy of the Three Stooges

Truth001 Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 12:32 PM
"War by removing the troops-- while really he was destabilizing the country" No John GWB destabilized the region by marching into Iraq in the first place all in the name of Oil. Obama was only trying to clean up the mess President Bush and VP Cheney left behind.Remember "mission accomplished" 10 years later, 4000+ soldiers dead and 1.5 trillion dollars later. Obama has been trying to avoid another Iraq disaster like every since he has been in office. So if that's bad foreign policy in the eyes of a war monger than so be it. Wars are very easy to get into,but very hard to get out of. To bad Cheney and GWB weren't smart to understand that.
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