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This is not a conservative or liberal issue. This is how we want to be perceived in the world. In many countries this will lower the standard and respect given to the POTUS. it also is a message to future generations. How many Fortune 500 CEOs do not have a degree. None that I know of. We can't lower the bar for one candidate.
What Van forgot to add is that not many blacks, latinos, Asian, etc, trust any of the said named possible candidates. Ideology is color blind.
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Will Brian Williams Lose His Job?

Truth001 Wrote: Feb 05, 2015 9:22 PM
If we fired every journalist for every blender committed on and off camera we would have nothing but empty chairs.
The jobless % have calculated the same way for years. Now we're saying they're wrong. If that's the case we need to go back and recompute the %'s for all administrations.
The damage had been done in the first 6 years of the Bush Presidency at the time when the GOP had control of the House and Senate.and Presidency .
It was the judge's opinion he had no official ruling on this. ACA hasn't been shot down to the contrary the ACA was upheld. your arguments are very week.
This was addressing your buddy Ed Henry.
Here are the facts Obama EO -193 GWB EO 291 Reagan 381 Clinton 364 Roosevelt 3721 Eisenhower 484 So knock off the overreach thing. They have all done it.
No it not reason for an unconstitutional executive order, but no one has proven any of the EO are unconstitutional. Calling the EO's unconstitutional makes for great political theater.
Whether we believe the plan will work or not why share the negative opinion with the enemy. Because we just did. Why not try a new concept and show our enemy we're are united force. You know why because we rather grandstand. My Mom and Dad taught me "can't" never got anything done. The alternative to the Presidents plan is get a bunch of soldiers killed. So I guess that's the General's plan.
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