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EU Goes All Soviet on Rich Russians

TrustNoOne Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 12:38 PM
Looking at it from another viewpoint, taxation is the act of taking something from an individual. Before 1913 (Federal Reserve Act), the only way the government could take from citizens was to actually take either property or cash. However the Federal Reserve Act gave the government an easier way. Just print more money. The more there is of something the less value there is. This allows the Federal Reserve to impose a tax by inflation any time the Fed. sees fit. The only way Cypress differs from the US is that the money on deposit was is Euros, thus the national government could not, by itself, generate a taking via inflation. Those with cash in American banks could see an inflation tax MUCH higher than the Cypress tax.

Oh, my gosh; what a great idea: Does Obama even KNOW that he can tax Russian millionaires and billionaires?

Just wait until he finds this new method of taxing and spending. Think of all the bad ideas we can fund with these new “revenues.” 

The European Union and Cyprus teamed up over the weekend to come up with a revolutionary way to destroy confidence in the banking system.

Confiscate the biggest depositors’ money in the country’s largest bank, kill the second largest bank- and just make sure that you only give Cyprus enough money to ensure a...