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Actually; my faith is founded with the main tenets of Prayer, Study, and Charity... with leaving the world in a better place than recieved and Justice being cornerstone ideologies. What ethic group, life-way, and faith would this be? Conservative Judaism. Paul Ryan's budget, studied without political inuendo, accomplishes this mess with tweeks coming from Governor Romney (after he reviews it line by line with Paul as his wonk for commentary). These guys make a great team. Mitt is the quintessential job creator with the most superior background academically, politically (check out his old man George's videos and you will see who Mitt was trained by), and entrepreneurially. Ryan knows his way in, out, and around the hill to get things done.
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Obama Attacks Israel from Behind

trusteewest Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 10:26 AM
Youb are outnof line. I am a Jew, a retired marine officer, one who serves on many high profile public and private boards, as well hoding two graduate degrees and coming from one of the oldest schools in the country; I am in the no. You are false. The land is jewish land and Christians never showed up until 2 thoughsand years after we settled that land. Please do not rise up against Israel or you, personally, will perish from an injury or disease. This I have now preyed to destroy you. Those wrods will be heard. You better start taking supplements fort overreaching in a most dispicable and blasphamous way. You are done.
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