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Economy Stalls As Obama Targets Businesses

TruLib Wrote: Jul 08, 2012 9:08 AM
Why are they sitting on their cash? Fear. Government lives on fear and is now killing the economy with that same fear. They have to get out of the way for the fear to subside. If they get out of the way and the economy gets better then they've proven they aren't needed. They won't get out of the way willingly.
It isn't government per se but a government produced by voters who think a free lunch is possible. The Greeks obviously believe this and will throw a tantrum rather than accept reality. The willingness to believe the lie has always been the problem. What are the odds America will wake up and accept reality instead of listening to snake oil salesmen?
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Simpler is Better: Dust Off Glass-Steagall

TruLib Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 7:16 AM
Your understanding of banking and risk is pathetic. Maybe you'd like to explain to us why FDR ran against deposit insurance. Maybe you'd like to explain how Glass Steagal didn't apply to the investment banks that were at the root of the financial meltdown. Maybe you'd like to explain how the modifications to Glass Steagal actually helped the banking industry respond to the financial crisis. You need to learn a lot more.
The Europeans have maxed out their credit cards and are looking for help with the payments so they can keep borrowing. Helping them would be really stupid which means the IMF will step in and assist. Giving money to the IMF would be really stupid which means the US government will step in and assist. The longer this farce persists the worse it will end.
The United States as a whole spends over $90,000 on each student from K through 12. In the OECD only Switzerland spends more. It isn't the amount of money that's being spent it's how it's spent that determines the outcome. The teacher's unions have been in the drivers seat for years. Huge amounts of money have been wasted and kids have been short changed because of pandering to the unions. Whining about spending just serves to give cover to thieves and looters. This has to stop.
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Out of Order

TruLib Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 6:10 AM
The political class will continue to do what works for them, not what is best for the country. They'll get cover for their insanity from the likes of Paul Krugman but in the end their push for more and more government will capsize America (the tsunami will take care of Guam). Soon we will be sending borrowed money to Europe to prop up that mistake. Where will the money come from? The political class doesn't know what money is. Neither do they care.
The politicians will do anything to avoid the pain today. If that means making the pain tomorrow worse then so be it. This is what bailouts do. They allow you to move the pain and they'll keep doing it till the entire thing collapses on them. All these economies in trouble need to produce more and they aren't instituting the reforms that will allow that. We need to take this lesson to heart.
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Are We Headed for a Fight with China?

TruLib Wrote: May 27, 2012 9:58 AM
China is shackled with a command economy that is slowing down. When the sh*t really hits the fan in Europe the Chinese economy will slow down even more. As the Chinese economy is based on exports this will put huge pressure on the government. They have to grow at a high rate or face a revolution. Bad stuff coming for Europe, China and America and I don't see anyone doing anything substantial that will avert it.
Maybe that's why they hate the military..... because they know they can't count on them to slaughter their own countrymen. I wonder if those murdered by their governments through the years were counting on the same thing?
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