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lisenberger, You don't have to worry about WWIII. Back in the 30s Europe had all kinds of economic problems that pushed them over the edge. The situation now is entirely.......oh wait..........never mind.
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Is There a Way Out?

TruLib Wrote: Oct 30, 2013 6:31 AM
It's a bad point. SS was never set up to work properly as a retirement system. It was supposed to be insurance, not a savings account. How many years does it take a person retiring today to get back all the money they paid in? Four or five years and what you paid in is paid back and then where does the money come from? Too many in America believe in the free lunch and they vote for politicians promising more free lunches. Any politician that votes to really fix our problems will get the boot. We're watching a slow motion train wreck.
The last few recoveries have been "jobless" and we didn't have Obamacare dragging on the economy. The problem is not a specific government program that is causing lower economic activity but the smothering effect a growing public sector has on all private sector activity. Macroeconomists will argue about structural problems and how financial crisis cause slower recoveries but few touch on the growth of government as the root of the problem. Europe has dealt with this for a long time and still can't see the forest for the trees. Just killing Obamacare (good luck) won't fix this. Personally I don't think it's going to get fixed.
Your post reflects a misunderstanding of the political nature of the chief's position. He is surely a Democrat working for Democrats in a city of Democrats. Their view is that the tool causes the work to be done which means guns create murder. If he were to start approaching his job from the aspect of a social breakdown creating monsters he would get fired. He touts the party line which protects his job. In this sense he's a successful policeman.
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Atlas Shrugs in Detroit

TruLib Wrote: Jul 26, 2013 6:32 AM
I don't know who John Gault is but I did read about a John Galt in Atlas Shrugged.
Whether they want protection from sugar importers or car manufacturers or any other of the thousands of things we buy every day all the protection mongers really want is to screw the American people with higher prices. Free trade leads to better lives for everybody. If you want a good education on the benefits of freedom go to Cafe' Hayek.
He's not a rube, he's a shill for the sugar industry.
The result of an electorate that believes in the free luch is economic misery. The misery leads to fear and in the past has led to some huge evils. God forbid we go down that road.
Please take a look at the picture used for the story on the banned gun list. There are five guns on the table. One looks like a semi auto rifle but aren't the others three BB guns a a muzzle loader? Had to have been the results of a gun turn in program. Thank God we got those BB guns off the street. Someone could lose an eye.
Even an idiot can come out with good advice. Pump shotgun is a better choice for home defense though. I would only use a double barrel if I was guarding a stagecoach. Maybe that was one of Joe's early jobs. Using a rifle inside a house for defense is a good way to kill your neighbors, especially is you're using 7.62. Save that for the longer range work. Also if you're packing a 9mm go with the hollow points. FMJs just don't have enough stopping power.
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