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Tim Geithner and the Return of Moon-Yogurt Accounting

true liberal Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 7:05 AM
Guy, This tactic works because the GOP has no communication skills. The GOP and even you adopt the framework and the vocabulary of the Progressives and thus have lost half the battle. Tax cuts for the rich. We still use that terminology. Yet, we all know that these are measures to put more resources into the hands of our most productive citizens. If this were a football game we would say that we are trying to get the ball into the hands of our best playmakers to give us the best chance to win. Rather than get the benchwarmers into the game when the game is on the line out of FAIRNESS!

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has had a rough few days.  Late last week, Sen. Mitch McConnell laughed in his face when he presented President Obama's breathtaking fiscal cliff "deal" -- which raises taxes by $1.6 trillion, abolishes the debt limit (!), spends tens of billions on a new stimulus (!!), and offers no specific or guaranteed spending reductions to speak of.  Then Geithner appeared on Fox News Sunday to defend the proposal, and things went...not so well.  When host Chris Wallace pilloried his claim of illusory "savings" on war spending, Geithner was flummoxed (via