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The Downside of Orthodoxy

true liberal Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 8:08 AM
Yes Christie has had some success. However, look at the states that are growing. Where is NJ? It is near the bottom. When he gets to the level of North Dakota, South Dakota, etc then we can talk. He is a big time gun control freak. Really, we need anti 2nd amendment politicians to speak to conservatives? What would Christie say if he spoke? How wonderful it was to spoon Obama? Will he give us insight into the softer side of Obama? What about his pathetic outburst after the Sandy rainstorm? It was a big rainstorm that states like Florida and Texas get all the time and he wants a handout? Sad to see a so called conservative like Christie looking for his welfare check. ....
true liberal Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 8:11 AM
Contrast that to Jindal and the BP oil spill.

Did Jindal whine like Christie?

Did Jindal throw a tantrum?

No, he got the job done. We found out what Christie was and is and he is just a whiny baby with a big mouth.

Sure he has a high approval rating in a deep blue state and that is grat of you are a Dem. Why not start looking for conservatives in conservative states and lets forget about the RINOs

It's a safe bet that most conservative Republicans would rush to support a political leader with the following record, especially in a traditionally Democratic state:

-- Reversed a $2.2 billion deficit and brought it into balance without raising taxes, largely by reduced spending and eliminating wasteful and unaffordable programs, allowing for a projected fiscal 2014 budget surplus of $300 million.

-- Bipartisan pension and benefits reforms, saving the state $120 billion over 30 years.

-- Streamlining government by eliminating 5,200 government jobs.

-- Vetoing tax increase bills three times while cutting taxes for job creators.

-- Reforming the nation's oldest teacher...