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Republicans Hesitant on VP Speculation

true liberal Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 6:28 AM
Romney is a RINO. Romney has backed the same big gov policies as Obama. The Obama campaign will advertise Romney as an Obama clone and drive down turnout on the GOP side. Romney is not a contrast
As frontrunner Mitt Romney continues to solidify his status as the likely nominee, speculation is turning to potential VP picks for the GOP ticket in November. Many names have been thrown around, but how do the candidates actually feel?

Let's take stock of the current crop:

Marco Rubio: Sen. Rubio is probably the politician who has built the most buzz in recent months. His endorsement of Romney recently was a help for the frontrunner and he has built a good relationship with the Massachusetts politician. Betting site Intrade gives him a 25% chance of being the VP pick.