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No Sequester Catastrophe

true liberal Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 8:02 AM
Obama is going to demagogue everything and pin the blame on the GOP whenever and where ever he can. He does not care about being right or wrong because he controls the press and the press will not call him out on it. If they do, he has a string of fall guys to take the blame and protect him from scrutiny. It is up to the GOP to take out ads and campaign against Obama. Right now, the people are only hearing one side of the story. If this continues they will assume silence means concurrence.
Texas Chris Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 9:31 AM
GOP needs to step up and OWN the cuts, or reductions in increase, or whatever. Boehner needs to pass a balanced budget to the Senate, and then go on TV and call it what it is. Lay out the facts. Maybe shed a tear for how hard it was, light up a cig, and head to the tanning bed.

But he's got to get out ahead of Obama PR-wise. Start ACTING in stead of RE-acting.

President Obama may be backing away from his doomsday spending-cut predictions as the sequester goes into place. But the new party line is that while there will be no impact in the first few days, there’ll be a slow, downward slump after that.
What, are we to believe that lower spending and smaller government damage the economy? Doesn’t that run counter to virtually every reasonably objective study in recent years -- including ones from a number of U.S. academics and the OECD in Europe -- that describe how countries with lower government...