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GOP Leaders May Finally Be Catching On

true liberal Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 7:59 AM
The problem is that the public school system is graduating semi literates. They can barely read and write and have no critical thinking skills. Thus, these graduates cannot analyze an issue and are susceptible to emotional pleas and propaganda.
Texas Chris Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 9:42 AM
The public school system is based on the Prussian model. It was designed to churn out semi-literate, unthinking, obedient drones for the state. It is a smashing success.

Want your kids really educated? Home school or private school are your only two options.

Speaker John Boehner finally declared this week that President Obama's goal over the next few years is to "annihilate" the GOP. Wow, he finally figured that out. And to reporters about his ticket's defeat in November, Rep. Paul Ryan stated that there was a failure to turn potential Republican voters out -- again, another "ah ha" moment.

What is really going on is that the more old-time Republican Establishment is starting to realize that simply playing the same old game against a new, brilliant and Democratic political juggernaut led by their symbol of success, President Obama, will likely...