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Freedom of the Press-Control

true liberal Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 8:06 AM
The problem is that the idea of killing with a gun is portrayed in a bad light. Is killing or the power to kill good when an enraged man in attempting to rape a woman? How about a man stabbing children at a school. He has a knife to the throat of an 8 yr old. Kill him by shooting him or let him go about his murderous rampage? Killing isn't evil Murder is evil There is a difference
Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 9:59 AM

Point well made.

Further, I disagree with the "astute student's" premise that "the purpose of guns is to kill."

On can accurately argue, I belive that that is A purpose of guns. Guns also serve to dissuade. This is why, for instance, armed guards often have their guns visible. The knowledge that one is armed serves to dissuade those who may otherwise do harm to the armed individual.

Guns also serve to REDUCE violence (consider the many documented cases of armed citizens STOPPING criminals from killing, robbing, raping, kidnapping....)

As is so often the case with libbie arguments, the "guns kill" premise grossly oversimplifies and distorts reality.

- Snark

While teaching on Aristotle in my ethics class last week, I noted that he was a “teleologist.” A teleologist is simply one who thinks that everything in the world has an essential purpose that makes it the kind of thing that it is. This is what most people held up until the advent of modern science.

An astute student then attempted to tie Aristotle’s analysis into the current debate over the Second Amendment. He observed that those who favor ever more oppressive restrictions on the Second Amendment—the proponents of “gun control”—sound very much like teleologists when it comes to guns. Guns...