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Disney's Cynical Pro-Obama Ploy

true liberal Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 7:47 AM
It is the stupidity of the Left to believe that it is ADVERTISING that accounts for kids wanting sugary sweet foods. What nonsense. These are the same "geniuses" that thought that if they advertised broccoli, celery and carrots the same as Capt'n Crunch then all of the kids would run to the produce aisle. Kids crave sugar. Advertisers know that. So their goal is to get the kids to pick their brand of sugar over their competitors brand of sweet. The brilliant Left is really stupid
lamiablk Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 11:37 AM
All humans crave sugar. In nature, sweet is generally safe, sour or bitter is generally unsafe/poisonous.

On the heels of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's latest stupid regulations commanding a shrinkage in the size of sugary drinks in restaurants, movie theaters and stadiums, the Walt Disney Co. has announced it will ban ads for products on its broadcast and online platforms that it has scientifically determined are "junk food" and do not meet the company's nutrition standards.

Curiously, Disney announced that it would begin this new effort immediately -- wait, no, at some time in 2015. So why announce this now? It would seem so that Disney could be praised and honored by first lady...