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Despite 54% Graduation Rate, Buffalo Union Officials Campaign for Obama – in Ohio

true liberal Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 6:22 AM
Why do we keep forgetting that Education is only a vehicle to provide resources to Unions and the Union members. It is almost to the point where they do not even pretend to care about the kids and teaching. It is all about the benefits, retirement, pension and pay raises. Hello?
It’s routine for teachers unions to deploy generous resources for their favorite political candidates. They give millions of dollars and provide thousands of volunteers for Democratic candidates across the nation every election cycle.

It’s not unusual for many of those volunteers to pack their bags and work for candidates in other states. But perhaps it is (or should be) surprising when they walk away from dire circumstances in their own communities to engage in political canvassing.

The Washington Post recently reported:

“[Sara] Gordon works for the American Federation of Teachers in Buffalo, and she’s in Ohio as part of...