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Democratic/Media Axis again FURIOUS with Cuban-American Voters!

true liberal Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 6:53 AM
We need to take the Cuban formula and apply it nation wide. I wonder if it is because Cuba is so close and the memories of a socialist dictator is fresh that keeps them focused on liberty and not handouts?

As we go to press polls show America’s largest swing state in a dead head between Romney and Obama. Florida has 29 electoral votes and the third largest “Hispanic” population in America. Normally this means a cakewalk for any Democrat.

But whoops! Turns out that about a third of these Florida Hispanics (Cuban-Americans) are actually so—as in Americans whose ancestors hail almost exclusively from Europe’s Iberian Peninsula known as Hispania by the Romans. So as a broken clock is right twice a day, the term “Hispanic” as used by the mainstream media can actually be correct about 1/1000 of...