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Bomb or Occupy -- or Neither?

true liberal Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 6:03 AM
Isn't this the political move of this Administration? If you are bombing, then you are doing something. It isn't effective nor is ot really meant to be effective. It is simply employed to give the President and the Dems in Congress cover. What is funny is whether this obvious political show will fool anyone.
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The Ghost In The White House

true liberal Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 5:55 AM
Derek points out the difference between running for an office and actually doing the job. I am sure that there are a lot of candidates that have the leadership, organizational skills and gravitas to lead this country. These people are smart, honest and have a lot of integrity. So what is the problem? The whole nature of politics is persona and telling people what they want to hear. Sure there were some exceptions but for every Reagan you get a Clinton, Obama, Boehner, Reid, McConnell, etc. That is why Obama likes to campaign. The was what he was elected on.
The problem with the Dems is that are hard core Progressives and do whatever it takes to advance their cause. The problem with the GOP is that they are moderately conservative but do whatever it takes to ally with the Left while kicking the Tea Party to the curb.
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Random Thoughts

true liberal Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 7:52 AM
Dr Sowell, You hit on a topic. Why would Boehner bring up Immigration? He wants to prove that the Dems will lie about representing their constituency while the GOP was to be upfront that they don't represent their constituency.
There is a problem between those that are successful in their career choices whether it is medicine, engineering or business. Most built their careers on technical savy and the truth. Though many would bring those smarts to any position, truth is one of the virtues that does not work well in politics and thus they choose not to run. Too bad. All we get are lawyers, criminals and sociopaths that have no problem with stretching the truth to benefit them. Politics is one of those fields where the corrupt have the advantage getting elected and the electorate complain when there is corruption in government. People have to become virtuous and elect virtuous people. How many virtuous people are out there voting? running?
Star, A lot of good points. The problem is that a lot of libertarians, like me, would rather have society outside of government solve the problems rather than having government do it. Government help, especially in the forms of programs, are expensive, inefficient and incompetent.
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Well Done, The Economist

true liberal Wrote: Sep 29, 2014 8:02 AM
Obama blames poor intelligence from the US Intelligence Community and Obama does have a point: 1) The briefings are way too long to sit through 2) The written brief is also way too long in the traditional bound 8 1/2 x 11 sheet Let me be clear, the solution, and we have always been consistent on this point, is to print the brief is a New York Times styled sheet. I want to see different sections and also a comics section. It needs to fit into a standard golf cart so I can take it with me and read it between important discussions.
John, You are wrong about the jingles and the Chevy Volt. It fits the Bob Seger song "Like a Rock" pretty well: Like a rock, Volt sales were low as they could be Like a rock, it's acceleration felt like that to me Like a rock, It wasn't much to see Like a rock ...
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Progressives’ Moral Equivalence

true liberal Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 8:38 AM
As long as the Progressives and the Left are steering the media, very few of these questions ever get asked in the larger forum. But, Derek hit the nail on the head.
Well, the Obama Administration is consistent. Doesn't Obama consider the ISIS conflict nothing more than negotiation tactics between the company and its workers?
Sooo, why are we trying to save all of these endangered species? Shouldn't we be killing off all of the life forms that produce methane and CO2? BTW; many decompositions of plant matter also produce methane. Maybe we need to kill off all of these too?
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