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Here is another part of the problem that was not mentioned. In many parts of the wolf repopulation effort, school children had to be caged when waiting for a school bus to protect them from the wild wolf threat. Because the wolves were protected, they could not be shot. There was a reason why ranchers killed the wolves off in the first place and now we have bureaucrats telling the rest of us how to live.
No more Jeb No more Mitt Please, GOP, listen to Nancy Reagan - Just say NO!!
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Swiss Cheese with a Lot of Holes

true liberal Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 8:59 AM
Ahh, the joys of representative government. The candidates in the red advocate for smaller government to support their constituents. The candidates in blue advocate for more government programs to support their constituents. But, they all meet at the same point, supporting the ones that grease their palms and take them on vacation to all of the ritzy places. Owning your own Congressman has its perks.
I agree. I cringed when I heard the Pope's comments. All speech should be encouraged. Those that are like the cartoons will get the laugh or derision and then serious people will more on to more thoughtful comments. The only way to get through a disagreement or a difference in opinion or policy is to openly lay out all of the arguments and discuss. This clears the air. It may not change the key participants opinions but it will give the community at large the information that they need to address the issue.
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The Conservative Catharsis

true liberal Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 10:28 AM
It sounds like the media and the GOP establishment has settled on a Progressive of some sort. The only decision left is whether the country want a Progressive President from the R camp wearing red colors or from the D camp wearing blue colors
Hmmm Kinda like ... If it talks like an idiot Reasons like an idiot Then ...
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Offenders of the Western Faith

true liberal Wrote: Jan 15, 2015 8:54 AM
We have already been accustomed to self censorship. Look at all of the PC rules that have been implemented throughout society. You cannot criticize minorities or ethnic groups or women or sexual orientations, etc I agree, we need to be free to speak but it has to be more than cartoons. We have to be able to discuss everything openly especially the topics that people find offensive. Talking about offensive topics will at least get everyone's issues and arguments on the table and they can be worked. There is a possibility that there can be agreement or a solution. Right now, one side silences the other and nothing gets resolved
I think Rand would be a serious contender. There are many in the GOP that are comfortable losing the Presidential election and for those people Romney or Bush is the logical choice. Conservatives are tired or the RINOs. And even though the GOP will blame the conservatives for not supporting them anyway, they still lose and whining about it does not get you any extra points. The GOP had a gimme in 2012 and blew it with Romney.
Really? Romney? The guy that implemented ObamaCare in Massachusetts before Obama even thought about it? Bush? Amnesty and Big Gov Education? Can we have a conservative this time?
Isn't it nice? The GOP Establishment is already selecting its loser for 2016 and it starts with the candidate that failed twice. Romney had his chance in 2012 when everyone was angry about ObamaCare and the GOP had a gimme and he blew it. Instead of choosing someone that can actually inspire and get his side to the polls we choose the same loser as in 2008 and 2012. What happened? We can't run Bob Dole anymore?
Wow! We elected these GOP Congressmen to FIGHT! and what do they do?? RETREAT!!!
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