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This was in the works for years. There are line items and programs to support and aid unaccompanied illegal alien minors. This effort has been funded and now it is being executed
This is taking the Obama talking point at face value. Sure, there is crime and drugs in many of the regions but it is laughable to think that every mile between Central America and the US is completely controlled by drug smugglers. Drug smugglers are interested in producing and transporting their drugs. There really is no interest in terrorizing the neighborhoods. So I do not accept the premise of why they are coming. It isn't because of violence. It is to reunite kids with their parents and to receive the freebies that the US hands out
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

true liberal Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 8:07 AM
Ahh yes, we need to keep another Country Club Republican that can be led around by the nose and vote the way McConnell tells him. And of course there is that fact where the Cochran camp were buying votes in Democrat circles. Sure, this is who we need as a Senator, another corrupt and sleazy politician because ... well because we all expect them to be sleazy and corrupt. Why not try integrity for a change, it's almost novel
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Spending and Morality

true liberal Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 6:56 PM
Excellent demonstration of the difference between "wants" and rights. People have to start understanding the difference before it becomes a complete Socialist State.
We don't know the specifics but we can speculate. Given the view of the military by this Administration, this deserter probably will receive back pay and field promotions up to Brigadier General
Actually, American Football is the closest that you get to "The Games" in an organized sport. Actually the equivalent which you inexplicably missed is MMA. Here you have 2 men fighting to submission with almost no holds barred. So yes, Americans prefer MMA to soccer where art of flopping is an embarrassment to all that is masculine
Standards are easy. the hard part is actually teaching the kids. Actually, teaching is not rocket science and should not cost as much as a new car every year. Privatize and watch the costs drop to about 2-4k per year, probably even less
World Cup??? Who cares!!! Right now the USA is playing for their tournament lives in the World Tiddly Winks competition and it is time for the rest of the country to get behind this team, this sport, this phenomenon
Skipping "Hard Choices" is an easy choice
I watched the players jogging and warming up and couldn't wait for the match to start. The game was already 10 minutes into the match!
They are touting Kevin McCarthy as a smart businessman. From his bio, he owned a deli for about a year. The rest of the time he spent trying to get elected to something. He isn't a working man per se. He is a politician. It even says so as his occupation. I guess they are all like that, but why do all of the leadership positions go to politicians from Deep Blue States? We need real people with real jobs assuming these leadership positions rather than someone that pretended to work
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