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Once on the ground, shouldn't the choking stop? evidently not. After all, why let a good choke hold go to waste - right?
Here is another account written here on Townhall Note that the police officer said that he heard Garner say he could not breathe but this was not corroborated by the video Also note that this same police officer was charged and convicted on 2 separate occasions. He also was caught lying in order to perform an illegal search. There are many fine, honest police officers but this guy isn't it. I would spend more time defending those that enforce the laws without breaking other laws rather than this Staten Island officer
actually, I am a free market libertarian. Unlike you, I believe that the police are required to use good judgement and appropriate force. When the police are right, I support them. When they are wrong, I am not afraid to say so.
Given that he was a star witness against the police officer, his testimony would have been treated as important. We have heard the saying that "The DA can indict a ham sandwich" but I think that there is a corollary where the DA can present evidence in order to favor a position. Note how he was treated in the courtroom. He was treated as stupid and a low life. He was "brushed off" by the DA. He saw the jury. He saw the reaction. He was ignored and then given the bum's rush This points to the DA putting his thumb on the scale
Check out the account of the filmer's account of his testimony in front of the grand jury
Yep, we minorities have to live with it everyday. it is great to justify the actions, it is another to live it
look at the way he was questioned by the DA. It was all about how he shot the video and why Garner was there. There was no questions about the officer. Don't you think that if this were a serious inquiry into the conduct of the police officer they would have spent a little more time asking about what he captured on the video? This is the star witness and he was "brushed off" by the DA along with his testimony. This does not concern you? Based on the star witness, this was an effort to justify the actions of the police by any means necessary. I can't refute that? can you?
here is an account of how the grand jury was run:
Yeah right try getting the police to respond to crimes in progress in a bad neighborhood. That is why we were taught to call the fire dept instead. the police always showed up several hours later to file the report
I guess they could have just shot him on the spot - right? after all he did do something illegal and waved his hands to resist arrest.
No, but one would expect police to use good judgement. or maybe not. I guess once you have a nice choke hold, you might as well finish the job??
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