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Bio of new House majority leader

true liberal Wrote: Jun 20, 2014 8:27 AM
Wonderful! McCarthy is a life long politician. Sure he worked in the private sector for 1 YEAR!! Politicians and Congressmen earn a reputation for being corrupt wheeler dealers career politicians and what does the GOP do? They elect that exact career politician!!
How is it that GOP from deep Blue States end up in the leadership of the GOP? When will we get conservatives in leadership positions from states that are truly conservative What happens when you have a Left Lurching minority working with a Left Leaning majority?
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Slavery Reparations

true liberal Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 8:13 AM
Isn't it sad that repartition advocates cast themselves and their race as pathetic and weak, unable to overcome the past and become successful in the future?
Americans do want out of foreign conflicts but they did not know that the Obama Administration was going to effectively surrender in those conflicts. Come on! Who does Obama have to bow to to get us out of the Middle East?
Sigh, In the Bible, God left us the Church not just a book. So as times and situations change, the Church is there to guide the laity. The rest are just misconceptions. Check out the Catechism of the Catholic Church for the answers to the questions that you have.
How does a GOP member from a Blue state actually run as a conservative? When does the grassroot conservatives get represented? I hope Labrador wins, but I have soured on Paul Ryan. His positions on immigrations sell out the young and unemployed in the US. It also puts a lot of stress on cities and communities that have to foot the bill for education and medical services. I do not find Paul Ryan an honest politician. I guess that is my fault. I used honest and politician in the same sentence
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Quality Education -- For All

true liberal Wrote: Jun 17, 2014 8:22 AM
The problem is that the education process remains in government hands. In order to really get the most bang for the buck, education needs to be privatized
It is the ol' "My dog ate my homework" ploy They have software backup systems so that even if the hard drive were destroyed the data would still be available. Does Obama think we're stupid? No, I think that he knows the media will back and rationalize all of this stupidity and try to make it appear reasonable. Isn't it great having the entire MSM as your Press Secretary?
You can't tell which flag that is? It is the flag of the European Union of course
Fix the problem by instituting vouchers and a free market approach to education. The status quo is soooo 1880's
John, Here is a story worth investigating: My sister had surgery on a broken leg to set some pins and had insurance that covered 80% of the cost. After the insurance company paid it's share, my sister was left with a 4k bill. My wife needed gall bladder surgery. Since our coverage was major medical with a 10k deductible, we shopped around. With the surgeon, anesthesiologist, hospital, nurse, recovery and followups it came to less than 4k. So, what does health insurance really save anybody? The solution is to truly privatize health care so that prices and services are advertized and the free market will drive down the costs.
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