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Is this an ad for gun control or a message to irresponsible parents? A loaded hand gun within the reach of young children is like keeping a potentially vicious dog in the house. I wonder how many children have been injured by the family dog as opposed to a gun. Push responsibility instead of regulation and alot of needless accidents will be avioded.
The left has no use for God because they think they know more than He does. God just gets in their way with His ridicules rules. To them Biblical teaching has no place in todays society and needs to thrown on the fire irresponsiblity along with the Constitution . If the left can just get rid of the last Bible believing Christians then they can anoint themselves God and be done with it.
Thinking the first amendment grants the government the right to silence Christian speech is an unbelievable stretch of the imagination. as the Bible says, They trade truth for a lie.
Why wait until we've been removed from our jobs and treated like second class citizens. Its time to get proactive and take the fight to the in-your-face sin croud before they can do any more damage. They need to hear loud and clear they are wrong and nothing will change that unless they change. The days of trying to play nice are over, they have already declared war whether Christians like it or not..
Hate to one up you Doug, but I went to the movies today and experienced a great Christian film which, believe it or not, was true to the Bible. The movie was Son of God and it made tears roll down my cheek. Coming from me thats high praise for a movie because I don't tear up easy. I'm a hunter as well and likewise praise Noah for saving all those tasty critters, but I do like my "based on" movies to at least mention the main character, in this case, God. .
I think movie goers can decide for themselves if this movie is worth seeing or not. Any Christian leader who says we need to see it to open up a dialog about God and the Bible is leading his flock off a cliff. Christians who know and have studied the Bible need to initiate conversation on Biblical issues not a movie. Christians have been dumbed down enough by watching and reading the garbage atheists put out about Christ and the Bible. I always say it you want the truth on any subject your unlikely to get it from anyone with a profit motive.
I for one never understood the need for "comprehensive" imigration reform. Why can't we simply protect our boarders from unwelcomed intruders? Eventually the problem of all the illegal imigrants, who are currently here, will dry up. It may take a while, but sooner or later the problem will solve its self.
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Race Matters...To Racists

truedeel Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 8:04 AM
Race is an important issue for those who use it to push an agenda and those who make a living from it. If you think about all those screaming racism these days have someting to gain by perpetuating the notion it is alive and well. As long as the hucksters can make a buck off of it the propaganda of persecution with continue.
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A Murder of One

truedeel Wrote: May 14, 2012 7:56 PM
Good example and I have another. Lets say you have an elderly grandmother living with you who has a multitude of physical problems. Her life expectancy is not good and she is totally dependant on you for survival. Taking care of her is a drain on you, both financially and emotionally. One day you sit down with her doctor and dicuss your "options". He says for a fee he could easily increase the dosage on one of her medications and she would simply fail to wake up one morning. Is the doctor then a hired killer or since both agreed should neither be charged with murder? Is it okay for a physician to end life simply because he has a license to practice medicine?
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Negroes With Guns

truedeel Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 6:10 AM
I think this should be an eye opener for all blacks. It is ludicrous for anyone to assertain that blacks are somehow disproportionately harmed by the absense of strigent-overreaching gun laws. If our country is rife with bigots as the left claims then wouldn't those same bigots use gun laws to disarm blacks?
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Not Another Dime

truedeel Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 3:47 PM
The left has always been willing to band together and beat up on those who disagree with them. It is this mob mentality that people on the right abhors. Look at any liberal group and at its core you will find a willingness to crush their enimies even if that means sacrificing truth and justice. For these progressives the propagation of left wing ideology is more important than anything, including their faith in God.
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