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Well, Ronald Reagan was an actor, later Governor of California, later President of the United States. And he was a good President. I highly doubt Arny's got the same competence or having the best at heart.
Well, we can send this guy on the first manned mission to Mars. That way he can truly leave the "unsafe" Earth and start anew. Everyone wins!
There was an article in World Magazine about how the frauds stemming from ADA was undermining a conservative victory and killing a liberal dream.
Yes, Breaking Bad does raise interesting points (the show being set in Albuquerque is admittedly quite fitting), but I can't help but feel like I'm reading a particularly badly-handled tract...
They already have, Brutus...the more important question is when will Obama and his pals "get it"?
Mark 7:15-21 and Titus 1:15 change the rules on "unclean" animals (like pork)
Straw poll, everyone: how much of that money will go toward actually improving city services, or even the city itself for that matter?
Yeah, TAMU is certainly different--still more conservative than other colleges, but it's slipped a lot. The Batt's left wing, it now often follows the "left wing speakers only or get shouted down" format of guest speakers, and oh--they demolished G. Rollie.
Sure, go ahead, laugh--but that's basically what actor/socialist Danny Glover told students at Texas A&M University a semester or two ago.
Detroit is a fascinating case study of what would happen if a major city was run by liberals, pulled by the strings by race-baiters and union crooks. Just watch this video about some malfunctioning traffic lights, and you'll see just a bit of what's wrong with Detroit: traffic lights that haven't been altered in decades, vacant lots and abandoned buildings, and no one has any idea of who's supposed to maintain them because the city outsourced them to some unknown company.
If this were under the Bush administration, the left would unambiguously be praising this man.
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