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I think Obama's ego would rather digitally manipulate himself into events that he didn't actually participate in. You know, sort of like "Forrest Gump", except if Gump was replaced with Obama.
I sincerely hope that we're overreacting. But then again, the original "Hitler Youth" did start as something fairly innocuous, didn't it?
Does anyone remember the worship of Obama circa fall 2008? My favorite was the "Obama as Superman" cut-outs, back when I saw Obama as more an affable joke villain than a Machiavellian fiend bent on destroying America.
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Media Pans Obama's "Apology"

TrueConservative2001 Wrote: Nov 08, 2013 9:32 PM
Obama's "community organizers" might just turn into Obama's brownshirt analog when it comes to taking off the kid gloves and cracking some skulls to get his point across. Of course, that's tin-foil hat thinking, but since 2008, a number of things HAVE happened...
I've worked at a supermarket in a low-income neighborhood, I can tell who's using food assistance and who's abusing it. The amount of corruption in the system is staggering.
It's simple folks. Lincoln was a man of integrity and honestly wanted to unify the nation, with Obama having no integrity and wanting to please his base (all Obama's "unify the nation" talks are just lip-flapping)
Unfortunately, even if "everyone hates it" doesn't mean it can be stopped.
Could be that they knew the reference, and must revere her as a hero or something. Was the Biblical Jezebel a feminist, though?
Wait, so the feminazi actually goes by "SATANna"? Wow. It's like when the Satanists didn't want to be associated with the "Hail Satan" abortion-pushers in Austin.
Well, Ronald Reagan was an actor, later Governor of California, later President of the United States. And he was a good President. I highly doubt Arny's got the same competence or having the best at heart.
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