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Platitudes, Promises, and the Failed Pro-Union Policies of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

True Conservative! Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 1:31 PM
If you had honest politicians, the bankers would get nothing for their money! The ONLY bankers that can print money are the handful running the Fed! When the republicans run things [both local, state, and national], they at least keep the debt within manageable limits! Problem is when the left runs things, they soon run it into the ground [see California, Illinois, Detroit, Stockton, etc., etc., and soon, the US of A]!

I received an interesting email moments ago from John Tillman at the Illinois Policy Institute, a non-partisan watchdog of the ongoing mess in Illinois.

I traced the source back to an excellent article on Illinois Review written by Ben VanMetre, a Senior Budget and Tax Policy Analyst at the Illinois Policy Institute.

Please consider a repost of Quinn’s Illinois: regulations and cronyism crush entrepreneurship by Ben VanMetre.

In Gov. Pat Quinn’s State of the State address, he said, “In our Illinois, small business means big business. Driving...