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Eat Without Fear

True Conservative! Wrote: May 28, 2014 12:10 PM
The left are true believers in science ... until it gets in the way of their agenda to control every aspect of everyone's lives [except their own]!
I'm STILL waiting for you, O' omniscient one [DUMBUNIT], to point out the defects in her column today!
Could you kindly point out the "defects" in this column? Didn't think so!
DUMBUNIT ... of course you don't agree, you're a brain dead leftist and can't grasp simple logic.
Apparently you didn't hear of the killer released after beating his grandmother to death with a hammer that then killed two firefighters after illegally obtaining guns. The death penalty would have ultimately deterred the second and third murders [and fourth as he killed his girl friend too]. Apparently, you don't consider that FAR, FAR more innocents are subsequently killed by released killers than an possible number of innocents are executed by the state. Given that, you don't give a damn about the victims!
Nahhh, she's just another leftist idiot, who, I can assure you is serious. At least in their own befuddled mind.
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America's Budding Tyrants

True Conservative! Wrote: May 21, 2014 11:15 AM
Call your conservative legislator and demand action be taken to remove the fanatical left from state run colleges. For private college, call the funders. Enough of this and the message will get thru; but it takes more than a couple of calls or letters.
Will civilization survive the left? Very doubtful!
Hey, dumba ss! Do you want that stuff sprayed on you? Didn't think so!
And who has been in power now for 5+ years? Didn't the omniscient Obama divine the future problems with the VA's medical care and brilliantly fund it sufficiently so the problem was avoided? You leftist jerks are such effing morons! Yeah, that would be YOU, David000!
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