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Kerry or Shrillary the worst SOS? John, you're forgetting Madeline Albright! Surely a fierce battle for the bottom amongst that trio of losers.
Does she have a point or not? Oh, you missed responding to that!
I suspect Annie is quite comfortable with the "difference" her life is making. Of course, she's not a sanctimonious twit like you so that helps!
You're ignoring the facts, Carlos! Over 1000 dead from this latest outbreak seems to me to belie the "not easily transmitted" contention, as does the medical staff in full protective suits ... did you miss that part of the news coverage? Oh, and the 90% death rate; but what do the doctors at the CDC know! .
And yet, you STILL miss the point that it cost two million buckaroos to bring the good doctor / missionary back! Willfully obtuse?
Surely, you're joking ... with a world on fire due to OBungler's constant screwups!
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Much Ado About Nothing

True Conservative! Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 11:59 AM
Birth control pills are available from Walmart [and other large pharmacy chains] for $4 [that's FOUR DOLLARS] a month! This is just more leftist Bullshitte!
The only flaw is that if the latter prevails, we have a banana republic and all the consequences that go with that will soon appear! Think Venezuela!
Are you really that stupid, van? Bordering on brain-dead ... but then, that's typical for a leftist!
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World Leader Pretend

True Conservative! Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 12:26 PM
Yeah, DG, it's just like playing Russian Roulette. Insane behavior!
WOW! Was that ever a column dedicated to wishful thinking ... despite nearly six years of pathetically substandard growth caused entirely by leftist policies from the most leftist administration in our history! Hey, Peter, where and when did a leftist regime actually produce a decent economy? We'll wait for your answer!
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