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The Campus Crusade for Comfort

True Conservative! Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 11:24 AM
You think his frequent writing on this subject in a widely read column are doing nothing?
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Immigration Is American

True Conservative! Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 12:37 PM
Stossel, you blew it on this one! So we wouldn't have search engines without Google [which is a damnable mess by the way, prone to introducing viruses that Google does absolutely nothing to control]? What about Yahoo and several other search engines? We wouldn't have youtube? Please ... that's just BS!
Look, moron, desperately seeking any shred of cover for the homosexual lobby; where did EVERY SINGLE child come from? Big hint: It wasn't from homosexual couples!
One of the dumbest columns ever posted at Townhall! Traditions usually have a reason behind them ... in this case, promotion of the bedrock of civilization, the family. No homosexual pair will ever produce their own family. Until then, homosexual marriage is just more leftist pushing to destroy civilization! Chapman is an idiot to not recognize the real game. I do not object to some kind of contractual arrangement so gay partners have access to certain benefits; but, it's not marriage in any normal sense!
Even worse, too bad you're an IDIOT! Do you have anything to offer up but leftist lies? Sadly, NO! And, Obama is just doing a helluva job cleaning up the mess! Any more such successes and we'll be cleaning up the second, even worse, 911!
You have leftists well described!
And, as usual, ynot, you haven't paid much attention to reality!
Not to mention that can of worms in Germany opened up by FDR! Hell, we STILL have troops there, 70 years later. However, there was a path to a win then; but we don't do wins anymore! [Actually, the "win" took about 3 weeks in Iraq and Saddam's government fell ... it was the peace that the leftists finally managed to screw up as they always do!]
Kerry or Shrillary the worst SOS? John, you're forgetting Madeline Albright! Surely a fierce battle for the bottom amongst that trio of losers.
Does she have a point or not? Oh, you missed responding to that!
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