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On the other hand, the taxpayers need to pay more attention and elect people who will actually manage the out-of-control universities!
You seem to ignore that this was a case of NOT getting a promotion for which he was better qualified than most who did get the same promotion. In the case of injustice, do you NOT want the option of a judge and jury to remedy it? Your leftist moronity is showing!
Are you ever a sad and pathetic troll, rossie! Having to make a complete azzs of yourself on Easter Sunday!
Did not the Ukrainians overthrow their government and the Crimeans VOTE to leave their government? Apparently the hypocrisy continues in your case!
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The Recovery is Dead

True Conservative! Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 12:29 PM
It's good to have a mole inside!
So, Debra, the Bundy's are supposed to roll over for the most lawless administration in US history? Get real!
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What Would Reagan Do?

True Conservative! Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 11:06 AM
Yeah, those "balance" his roaring economy and winning the cold war without firing a shot! Sometimes it's better to hold off on the send key, Corbett lest all doubt be removed!
Yes, that is exactly where the problem is!
So the 99% of student athletes that DON'T make a professional career out of it are just to be ignored? Even the colleges don't want that! It must be of some value or they would have dropped athletics long ago. I suggest you read a little history ... you might find that sports were part of being a well-rounded person!
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