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It's actually worse than that. They might "pay" their first month's premiums, begin to receive services, then decline to pay the following premiums. The govt guarantees they will receive 3 months of service regardless. If they stop paying and continue to receive services, the government will back-bill the PHYSICIANS for the services rendered and paid for. Think anybody will want to become a doc under THOSE conditions? NO and worse, current docs will begin to pull out of the market in bigger numbers than they are now.
Kinda offensive, but you'll be glad to know the "administration" just decreased the restrictions on allowing asylum-seekers with "minimal association" with terrorists groups. Great, huh?
People born in Kenya can . . .
Haven't you been watching them? Google Oakland CA. A friend in Orlando area says there's unrest there too but no coverage of it.
Go get a real job, quit posting Dem talking posts for a living. Get OFF my back/paycheck, loser.
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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

True Blue 100% Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 3:25 AM
Wow Racists of all flavors out and about so early/late? Don't have a job or what? Insomnia for me, I work and pay my taxes.
GWB's administration came to Congress EIGHTEEN times to request that they do something about F-F and was rebuffed. It certainly WAS the Dems fault!
Showing your ignorance. Never said 47% of Americans "on welfare". But that's how the Left works, distort the facts and repeat them to the ignorant masses until it becomes "truth".
My 15 year old son was very upset that Obama was reelected. Even at his age, he could understand the destruction of our nation that is forthcoming from the Beast. I tried to encourage him, saying that a few states and many provision, military and still-outstanding votes remained to be counted. God has a wonderful sense of humor. Who knows, when all is said and done . . . . .
It is disgusting that I truly feel that my vote did not count. In any way, shape, manner or form. As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure my vote was tallied. That's a problem when an American can't be sure the electoral process is secure.
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