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The Verdict: Americans are Certifiably Nuts

Trude3 Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 9:46 PM
Dougla32, I do believe Doug4749 was correct; Clinton's election and re-election proved that character does not matter, thus Obama was no surprise. I fear this insanity is not temporary.

The clinching piece of evidence to convict Americans: they are engrossed in an argument over $800 billion in taxes over ten years while spending a trillion dollars every year more than they bring in.

What other evidence confirms this verdict?

Reelecting Obama. Out to prove Einstein correct voters living in the worst economic recovery, the worst stretch of unemployment since the Depression, clamoring for jobs reelected a man who proposed doing more of the same.

Ben Bernanke. Like sheep led to the slaughter Bernanke announced the Fed duties no longer are limited to monetary policy, it was...