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Halimolobos, You ought to fly over this country and look down ! Here in Oregon the BLM say they can't afford to keep old logging roads open - and we have thousands of miles of them (!) However, they can afford to drive in on these roads with heavy equipment and dig 3 feet deep pot holes at intervals to keep people out. They are our servants no more.
joepilot, you got that right about the land within the state's borders being ceded to each state upon statehood. However, that was for the eastern states and was conveniently 'forgotten' when the later, western states received statehood. Some speculate that the increasing socialistic thought among our politicians caused them to retain the land as it meant more power to them and the federal government. Recently some politicians and others are bringing this issue back and it ought to perhaps be on the ballot in every western state, and every candidate running for office be asked his position on this and whether he will fight for this to happen.We had this on the ballot many years ago in Oregon, and it passed with huge margins in most counties, but in ours the County Commissioners decided to take it as an advisory vote only. Guts are hard to come by. Try and try again seems in order.
wpeeters, amazing, isn't is how sheepish people are and have been all through history. Lenin said: "Give me the children and the seed I have sown shall never disappear." The Evil Ones have been winning, when shall we wake up enough people to pt a stop to it ?
jerskin and Miss Mellie, You both beat me to it. I keep dreaming that the SS people would be so honest as to quit, and that no one wants the job, but it probably pays well, and there is a pension.... Many sell their souls for less.
Enough Bush'es already. Jeb Bush and 'intellect' in the same sentence ? And he is for Common Core ! Son of 'read my lips', brother of Tarp Bush who posed as a conservative and fooled some people ln enough to become President. I am with- holding any donations to the GOP until they have a candidate who is not a RINO. Tea Partiers and Libertarians do not have to fall in line behind a RINO, they have more guts than that.
Neo - great sarcasm !
You mean he is a good role model ?! Navy-baby, please rethink that one. In my minds eye I see: "Malia, Sasha come here, look what I destroyed today ! Want another 100 million $ vacation ?"
Kuwull, "Energy costs will necessarily go through the roof", as O said ?
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Libertarian Porn, Part II

Trude3 Wrote: Mar 22, 2014 5:48 PM
Run for office, Pistol, you're good ! (Last words: could you say reform or repeal...?)
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A Paper Kitten

Trude3 Wrote: Mar 20, 2014 8:50 PM
rwright, how sad that is to read. For us immigrants who fled socialist or communist countries to live in a freer one, the U.S. offered opportunity and freedom for this was different. Where else do you find a Constitution which kept the government in chains and let the people free to live their own lives !? Nowhere. The Founders gave us a Republic 'if we could keep it' - and we have not done very well. Shame on us for those who came first and settled the land were exceptional and had more guts than obama-voters can imagine.
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